The countdown

When the lockdown will be 
over and done with, 
when we’ll walk past
the nonstop distancing, 
when we’ll again go to work, 
when the world afresh
will be free from
the deadly virus,
when we’ll regain
our lost freedom, 
then we can sing to us,
‘Hey buddies
We  did it, we made it, 
We have really overcome’.

Life will be back to normal again. 
Leaders, caregivers 
aren’t working in vain,
their efforts for sure will pay
happy days aren’t far away. 

With hope in every heart, 
life can resume, restart,
with faith in every soul
we’ll achieve our goal,
with resilience in every mind,
we can put our exile behind
with sparkle in our eyes
we can regain our kingdom
we can see the sun rise,
it is of no surprise
that the lockdown will surely end
the countdown will soon begin,
let’s stayput for some more time
let’s together count our blessings.

© supratik 2023
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Love the positivity 🙂

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