To another lost friend

Whom the gods love die young, they say. He was like a brother to me for 33 years – and never grew a minute older.

My friend, where are you now?
Somewhere among the clouds,
out up there soaring,
triumphing exultingly in freedom
and enjoying getting rid of everything,
while at the same time missing
all the things you couldn’t get enough of?
Well, let me participate
in your extolling in magnificence
as great in afterlife as in your presence,
most beloved, generous, warm-hearted friend,
a prince to everyone who knew you
and for all of us an irrepairable outrageous loss.
You left the party at its best,
and we are all here left behind
quite lonesome and abandoned without you.
The more your memory will linger
and remain an inexhaustible
and perfect source of joy,
unchangeable as ever you were here,
perpetually young and timelessly undying –
you have simply passed away
to only the more certainly remain among us.


© aurelio 2023
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