This is the last time


As I turned away from my door it hit me hard for sure.

Stark realty dawned that day, my folks I have to go.

No work, no food, no hope and little future.

What choice did I have but to turn and walk away?

Never to see your faces again, I cried and wondered why.

To leave the bosom of my family, to venture out to where.

Goodbye my loves, hello cruel world, for its you that turned me out.

Bidding farewell never ceases, goodbye Connemara I love you so.

So long to my motherland land, I will miss you all.

Safe passage is all I ask, as I set sail from sad old Cobh.

Aboard a ship, just one face with all the sorrow, is their hope tomorrow.

Last glimpses of the shore, of the Ireland I adore, to cheer me on this sad day.

To be starved from your land is such a crime, should never happen in any lifetime.

Bound for Ellis Island with raging seas, and the wroth of all.

Is this the land that’s so full of promise, I am heading too.

Who can trust, what can I do, all alone I must look towards you.

Like thousands before me hoping for better chances to unfold,
To dream through life, that one day I might return to the
Country I call home, Ireland. Will I ever see the like again?
Or will it be to my memories I look for that virtual picture,
Of that land far across that raging sea, life will never again
Be the same for me.

© munster 2023
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