New Jerusalem

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Under the hot sky that stabs at exposed skin

I shower the sun with sand

Letting it drop through my fingers

The silica and cellulose grow closer

As the crabs pass the nets to the water’s edge


The shifting sky is a blessing before the benediction

I throw the leaves back to the trees

Letting them drop through my fingers

They disappear into the mosaic of xylem and polymer

As the squirrels search for food on the flooded ground


The transparent sky closes my eyes to the arc

The contemplative flakes have blackened hearts

Letting them drop through my fingers

I squeeze them until they are held tight by necessity

As the sparrows freeze to the branches


Under the prudent sky I blink at the awakening

Feeling the passing of incongruous waters

Letting it drop through my fingers

I swill the pathogens around

As the sheep look down from their shifting hills


To this New Jerusalem


© Vim 2023
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