Happy-Hour Confab

happy-hour confab


uglied by age and profanity

wasted by infirmities

laughing loud at half-heard

‘booze talk’ wisecracks

as if they found them funny

a pride of spent grey ‘stallions’

sits braying of days

when they roared like the lions

they wanted to be


they were hunters of maidens –

maidens enjoyed

maidens discarded –

love warriors with rubbers

(ribbed for extra pleasure) –

to show they cared –

untouched in wallet ticket-pockets


lads they were

lads at drink

lads at play

lads at lassies


monkey business


their salt-cream fountains

sustaining the species…





what they don’t remember

they make out they do


harking back to a dream-time

before sappy love-wands dried

and hearts slowly calcified


hopeful blue pills

lie fallow in

wallet pockets now


remember ?



a former vicar’s holding forth


I dive into the banter.




© coolhermit 2023
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monkey business or sabotaged animated playmobil’s business* it will never make any sense, but it will always provoke sensation and if one remembers when, laughter and teardrops.

(weird theory of mine #3332739.)

yes you edited it a lot, not sure about banter. and I liked remember when

and rubbers, hmm

I don’t know it seems you edited it too much? why do I have the feeling it is now less intellectual?


You paint a brilliant, but grim picture of ancient beer soaked pot-bellied would-be machos whom can be found in many a local reliving or decorating their crummy exploits. Perhaps I’m being a little tough on these old “soldiers,” but it seems to me the most successful womanisers never boast about it.


Yes this sparked an idea for me also. I might even put electric pen to electric paper later.
Interested in what you come up with though.

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