Evergreen legacy

When you’re happy
Plant a seed,
If you’re down with sorrow
Water a weed,
Times when you’re green
With jealousy, or b
lue with worries
Indulge in composting
It’s an instant remedy.

When you’re enjoying with family
Sit and sing under a tree,
When you’re relaxing with friends
Nurse your garden
However small it might be,
A shrub, a herb
A creeper, a bush
Nourish them, nurture them
Wherever they shoot.

You don’t have to do
Anything else for humanity,
Your children will benefit
From the flourishing garden;
Tonsured earth will heal,
Turn into heaven.

Share prices will be fine and fair
Inflation will cease, poverty will disappear
World will overcome all debacle
Simple, pure effort will plant the miracle.

With countless fruits and flowers 
Bounty will bloom and shower,
Such is the magical power
Of a wee little sprout,
Without an iota of doubt
For a prosperous posterity,
You’ll leave behind
An evergreen legacy.

© supratik 2023
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That’s lovely, brings a little bit of summer 🙂 sue.


Yes, plants are Earth’s blessings and give so much joy. Just touching green leaves, or the bark of a tree reduces stress.

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