In remembrance of a few special moments in Madrid


A Flamenco dancer



Heat, light, crowd

Throbbing strobes

Vibrating, drumming stage

My heart thudding apace.

Muscles rippling, tight buttocks quivering

Sweat spiralling, flying—

Swirling alike flamboyant skirts;

From shimmering bared torsos

Above skin-hugging trousers—absolutely male,

Black pant-suited lady, white shirt, black vest,

Perfectly feminine, scarlet flower tucked

In her black hair—the colour on her.

Three dancers, each powerful, their movements

Strength, confidence, practice, pride.

Those heels, whipping the Earth like thundering rain

Ceaselessly, tirelessly, passionately,

Knees-a-piston, back—ramrod,

Elbows precisely curved,

Gaze withdrawn to an inner trance

Epitome of grace.

Unnoticed vocals, instruments keep beat.

© Shoam 2023
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beautiful, how you describe this unique dance, I saw it myself in Madrid, half a century ago, a famous flamenco dancer who only had one leg, you hardly noticed…your description is spot on, it almost comes back to me reading your poem. If I can give you a suggestion: you used the word “powerful” twice. May be you can replace one with another equally or more significant? Just for variation?

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