Mo Mhathair (My Mother)

Inspired by a beautiful Gaelic song I heard in concert

Please give me only this:
My Maw’s soft kiss
upon a stubbled cheek.
Lilt the message in my ear,
that built up strength
in face of fear.

She stands the level of my chin.
Makes arguments I never win.
And nodding mute, I grin.
Of course, a curse from Maw;
that sharp invective in a mordant jaw,
was something to behold.

Yes Christ… that fiesty way she had,
stays gladsome to my orphaned heart.
So I mature, remain her little lad.

© franciman 2023
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An excellent representation of mother’s love, Jim. For a moment I thought that it might be in Gaelic and beyond my comprehension but thankfully it was crystal clear. Thank you.
Best, Luigi.

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