Song of the Water Spirit

Not the raging sea or a turbid heart-
I give you a shimmering river
where reeds ooze bells of rain,
their crystals promise light,
heal your hands carrying years
of yearning and offerings.
The moon, wrapped in a shroud,
has her reflections
shiver with grief, when I plant shadows
and fill the baskets with silvery fish,
as the pebbles groan in a vale of tears.
I lend you starlight
to reach the ocean, build
a lighthouse from oyster shells
out of the integrity of water
to fathom the ebbing and flowing sea.
For death is a strange world,
that enchants the young
with its hidden door.
Bells of the dead are ringing
vibrate in your blood, drown your dreams –
Listen how the tears rain down
onto a twilight world.
I let you sink to the bottom,
bear the burden with all human beings,
infuse new life, and open the door for you
to enter night, stars, moon …

© Yutka 2023
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