Elusive Melody

(A Petrarchan/Italian Sonnet)


Where lies melody of broken heart’s song?

In the dullness of heartbeat that ticks by;

Held by eyelids from slipping on the sly,

Haunting deep down, playing in mind like gong,

Forgotten, being stuck in strife for long.

Else in the long breath let out in a sigh; 

Or in the sail of mast which once did ply,

Maybe lost in lyrics of love, once strong. 


Faded in memory by dear one’s loss,

Cadences slow for sorrow to subside. 

Humming on lips, goes silent in such times,       

In its absence, living goes for a toss.

Oh elusive one! Come out from your hide, 

Will fine tune to ring back in cheerful chimes.






© Gomathi 2023
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A good effort at tackling a poetic format that it’s not easy to master. You have produced a sonnet that conforms satisfactorily to the established structure.
Kind regards, Luigi.

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