The black holes of desperation

On the death of an old friend from Warsaw: Edvard Milaszewski in memoriam

The black holes of desperation
are by themselves an indescribable infinity
the measure of which never can be fathomed
in their tragedies and sufferings and tribulations.
You survived the Warsaw ghetto
and the glorious Polish insurrection
leaving more than half of Poland more than half dead,
coming here like wreckage from the aftermath of history
to make heroically a new life and a new world.
You made it a success, but now,
as you are gone, the tragedies remain,
the unfathomableness of suffering despair,
and your loss, finally, just adds to all the others,
the black holes of history that never can be filled,
into which the torrents just keep gushing down
of the eternal grief of humankind,
the sufferings of which can never be appeased
but only neverendingly increased.


© aurelio 2023
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It’s obvious that you have been deeply affected by the loss of your friend and I’m sorry for that. You have managed to pour the desolation that is felt into your words here and I hope they helped. Your friend will live on in your words and memories now.


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