Stealing up to you


Sneaking up to my love
like a dream in the night
with unheard-of mysterious messages
of outward nonsense but perilous sense,
paying blinded obeisance
unto the highest irresistibility
of the most natural force in existence
of love, for its permanency in expansion,
enhancing its beauty forever,
I simply can’t help using magic
to get through the message to you,
that my love of you
still hasn’t changed
but only increased
in its truth
of a slow but continuous explosion,
like some chain reaction,
unstoppable in all eternity.


© aurelio 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Ah, the things we do for love Aurelio. May the magic last forever.


Hi Aurelio

Your declaration is clear here and you’ve got some strong images for the reader to enjoy. If you’re interested in a bit of critique, let me know, as I do have a couple of suggestions for you to consider.


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