Words Come For Free

Just a thought in passing
Choosing words from the quiver of one’s calibre,
But none making sense like undeciphered cipher.
Stringing them to a staggering tongue without restrain,
Harping on the same toxic refrain.
Shooting them through automated lips,
Unmindful of brazen lies escaping with mean quips.
Acts of absurd theatre that one gets to witness,
Wish on words too they begin to levy a cess.
Distraught audience would then be saved,
From onslaught of speeches so far they have braved.

© Gomathi 2023
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The politicians come to mind here, not sure if they were in your mind as you wrote this though. A wonderfully powerful poem full of strength and no-nonsense language. Sue.


Hi Gomathi. I am impressed by your command of the English language. Better than mine as it took me some time to interpret the word ‘cess’. The first definition that the dictionary gave me was: cess (sĕs) n. Irish Luck. [Possibly short for success.] It was only as I kept looking that I found that it also means ‘any of several special taxes, such as a land tax in Scotland’. I understood that it was a fulmination against political shenanigans but wasn’t sure if it related to politicians in the UK – and I can assure that it does –… Read more »


Hi, it’s me again. I wasn’t suggesting to do away with rhyming. What I was saying, use a different structure, i.e. ABAB, ABBA, etc. You’ll find many examples in classical poetry. Just a thought.
Regards, Luigi.

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