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I like the scene you paint in the first six lines. Such a scene is happening here at this hour. I don ‘t think “place” is quite the right word. Perhaps something like “to gently lay down” but that means splitting an infinitive.
Regards, Gerald.


Sorry,Sue, I must be failing to understand – are you saying that the leaves are being placed upon the “hour”? How do you do that? How do you place things upon an hour? Do you mean “at this hour”? Gerald.


Thanks, Sue, for explaining. I already understood that you meant the leaves were falling during a silent hour but it is the use of “place” that grinds with me as you cannot “place” something solid on top of an intangible notion, that of a period of time. If, however, you were to use “grace” – “to grace this silent hour”, then, what the November mists are doing would make better sense, in my humble opinion, of course. Another thought: the November mists are doing the enfolding and the wrapping; I think they are also doing the catching, so a comma… Read more »


I look forward to reading it. It will still be your work. How many other masterpieces in English anthologies had suggestions from the poet’s publishers, wives, lovers, etc.? Thousands!


Beautiful poesy! Loved the words used to unfold the scene.
Best wishes, Gomathi.


This lovely romantically worded vignette takes the sting out of November’s chilling bite.


This is most definitely my kind of poetry. Simply beautiful.


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