A Fresh Start

Saint Francis of Assisi born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, informally named as Francesco

Francesco: noble and rich.
A witty, gallant youth
who loved the good life
and delighted in fine clothes.
He was a playboy of his time.
He spent money lavishly,
was law abiding
and never committed a crime.
Wished to be a knight
and eager to fight.
But found to his cost
that war is disastrous
and though he was valiant
he was taken prisoner
as the side he supported lost.
So how come that this man
who loved music and art
abandoned his wealthy lifestyle
and embarked on a fresh start?
A midlife crisis, some said.
A mystical vision, it seems,
changed the course of his life
and he was soon out on a limb.
Gave away all his money
and became a poor pilgrim.
He communed with nature
and legends say he was heard
calling all creatures
his “brothers” and “sisters”
and talking to a wolf and a bird.
His sense of brotherhood
under God embraced others
and having lived a pure life
without any hint of taint
was eventually made a saint.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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I didn’t know the history of St Francis of Assisi. I only know him as the patron saint of animals which as far as I am concerned makes him “Alright”
Very informative and interesting . Thanks, Luigi.


I have always admired St Francis because of his affinity with nature and animals, so I very much enjoyed your interesting and insightful poem about his life. Thank you Luigi. Sue.

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