No matter what


The stars, the sky
The earth, the mountains
The seas, oceans, rivers
Forests, meadows
Fruits, flowers,
Write volumes on life,
On joy, warmth, love, merrymaking,
On exchange of energies,
On synergies and interdependence;
All ignore bombs of
Hatred, anger, horror
Their nature doesn’t change
No matter what.

I write therefore with love,
My words bloom and shine
From the deepest regard for life,
Life that’s cruel, insecure, unkind.
But my pen penetrates inside,
Bleeds feelings lying unused, in vain,
My stories rain on dry leaves
They’re beautifully sad, yet they sing, dance
For they know what is unnatural
Will see its blissful end;
But no matter what
I have to keep writing with love
On love, about love until then.

© supratik 2023
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And how we need those stories, we need the beauty of the earth’s natural healing powers to hold us up, refresh our souls. Man is the unbalanced cog in natures wheel it seems. sue.

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