Real world


I am liberated,
there’s no colour,
no caste, no creed,
no age, no position
no ailment, no disease.

It’s an absolute world
of peace,
where differences cease
to exist.

Words that float around
here soothe my sense,
O Intelligent world!
I am complete and found
in this insane happiness.

I can feel the presence of light
all around me,
from harshness, conceit, caprice
I am forever free.

Who is this light?
I no longer question,
with rays of delight
it answers my doubts
in the split of a second.

I find the light when
I’m awake or when I am
in my dream,
in a moment I find myself
gliding in the garden of heaven,
chanting the wonderful
words of hymn.

On the other hand,
You have this world
Intelligent, dirty, rude
Full of miseries and maladies;
Place where the rich, poor, black, white,
Fighting, killing each other
With rules overruled,
Sometimes with weapons,
At other times with words!
This is the world you call real?
Where the weak are tortured?
Haven’t you cleaned the space with its green?
Haven’t you left it brown, tonsured!

Whatever cruelty the imprisoned eyes have seen,
however sinful the past might have been,
butchered with meaningless blood,
tired with wars, hurting as hell;
with power of purity and peace,
we can still come out of our shell
to rebuild the kind, real world.

© supratik 2023
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We always dream of creating a perfect world but seem to be faced with a dystopian society which we find hard to reconcile with our peaceful expectations.
Only hopes of beneficial changes sustain us.
May your wishes be granted, my friend.

Kind regards, Luigi.

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