What’s the big deal


In the lap of love,
acceptance, patience,
relationship is cradled,
nourished, nurtured
then work gets done,
at ease, what’s the big deal?

In their absence,
work gets done
rust, ruin, succumb,
the frog swims to death
at ease, what’s the big deal!

World has sought refuge
in the latter, focuses
not on relationships,
but only on work instead;
intelligent, profiteering heads
glorify the successful operation,
ignore the patients lying dead.
Until the method changes,
society will hardly heal,
but work of the homosapiens
will get done anyway,
so what’s the big deal!

© supratik 2023
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A very good question, what is the big deal, society seems to have lost any notion of what the deal should be. A very good poem with a message to make one think. Sue.

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