The Glen Is Calling…

O’Aherlo, from glen to glen your beauty is so tempting,

I’m slowly being pulled under your spell.

Tis with such a dramatic back drop, so truly rugged, sheer in part, 

Alas fixed by time with beauty and perfection,soft, gentle, so Serene.

Meandering with no cause. 
Just looking, nosing at your scene.
Clouds dart around those dark tall peaks, leading down with ever

Softening greens to the valley floor, twixt streams and rivers rush to greet. 

Time almost stands still as the waters float so gently by. 

Not a word to be heard just a sound of peace mixed with happy

Solitude. It’s gentle, it’s calming and slowly but surely I’m taken . 

Would nay but a fool have an agenda with you? 

Tales of  another time locked into your rugged face.

With sweet smelling flowers, it’s such a wondrous place. 

I sit and ponder all that lies before me and all that might have been. 

© munster 2023
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