Two small poems

Keep it up

Write like those flowers,
Scribble like those fruits,
Unnoticed, unsung.
Praise or abuse
They’re sincere, without a ruse;
Just keep it up, keep it going
With love and care, keep on writing.

Writing ‘only’ for feedback
Is the deadliest drawback.


Wake up!

Restless rats racing,
Catapulted cats clapping;
Retreating or facing,
In the end of the game,
With or without grace,
All go to sleep, all go to bed, 
Alive or dead.

© supratik 2023
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I really enjoyed both of these poems, the first one was a delight to read and had a very sensible message.
In the second I loved the tongue twisting rhyming which although it was making a serious point also made it fun to read. sue 🙂

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