NASA, not a sound addiction

Why spend billions on something
That’s lightyears away,
Instead of using it to dissolve
The global issues and scarcity
That’s troubling our days?

With your intelligence
Convert sea water into drinking water,
Nature is doing it all the time!
It takes waters from the salty seas, oceans,
From the sweet brooks and rivers
And gifts it to us as rains!
Think harder NASA,
Use your heart and your brain.

Acres of uninhabitable lands
On earth, lying to be used
If only we channelled you
To challenge the deserts
Of snows and sands
Make them soft and green,
Where lives could flourish and stand,
With the help of your erudite hand?

The moving stage is here to stay,
We could better the most beautiful
Ageless planet,
Than focusing on something
Vague, exorbitant
And far far far away.

Or is it the same mindset
That doesn’t acknowledge,
Nor thank the organs
Until they’re severed?
So you’re ready to have
The only home tonsured?
Other planets wouldn’t refuge,
They’d hardly be of any use
When the Star would stare at us
As a result of our abuse!

Respects to NASA!
But is the white elephant
Worth the pain?
When from the loving, living
Priceless ‘casa’
We still have much to gain.


Somebody had to be stupid enough to say it!

© supratik 2023
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I read this with great interest and agreement, I watched a programme about the space race and how our aim is to inhabit the moon and start crushing up the rocks etc on the surface to use as, I think, fuel.
I despair of we humans, we ruin the beautiful planet we have and rather than repairing the damage we move on to another. Sue.


A very good and well versed poem that raises a relevant and important point, Supratik, with which many will agree. I can see that you have rhymed NASA with CASA and you must forgive my ignorance: what does CASA (in capital letters) stand for?

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