Words into action


I am a storehouse of words.
Yet I am so far from the lighthouse.
Meaningless churning of words
Freezing in the knowledge mart,
No walking the talk is what’s making it worse,
The worried world, no wonder, is falling apart.

I don’t hate the sin, I hate the sinner
Instead of loving, I fight with my neighbour
Yet I know the scripture by heart
And the sacred eight-fold path;
I have full knowledge of Trinity
I never miss prayers to the supreme.
What I haven’t learnt is to put the divine words into action,
Hence I keep my heaven unsafe,
Leaving it perpetually in the dark.

If my words do not inspire,
If they fail to empower,
If they hurt, hate, not heal
If they kill with skill,
Then what is the use
Of melodious prayers
Arranged with lifeless letters,
Engaged in the failing battle of win-lose?

When wise words are put into action,
Our Intolerance would fly off like the dove,
The golden garden will bloom into fruition,
Where the winsome paradise will fall in love.

© supratik 2023
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