Read into it what you will

Slowly I unravel 

through your words

your hatred

Anger and jealousy. 

My tears drown inside another bottle

This vessel is broken – enough

How many fragments

Before there is dust?

Emotions fight on

Clawing at broken choices

Stumbling between depression

 reality calls

too many times,

Drama queen – teen battles.

The same bloodline

A twisted tongue

with a manipulating mind.

We arrive at war central

Immature, uncontrollable

The wrong path of destruction

No words are good enough.


You’re right,

I’m wrong

always in your eyes.

The bad bitch

In your bitter mind

You don’t see

Because you don’t want to.

I drift

Hang on, hang on

You cut the emotional rope

I’m floating

On hope and lies

That you feed me

Emotional blackmail.

You don’t love me,

Only greed shows through,

No empathy

Only selfishness.

You don’t fool me

I see the real you

many don’t

or maybe they do

scared of repercussions

to stand up 

and face you

and their own fears


So who is weak?

you, them, me,

all of us?

You will learn 

The hard way,

A different way.

Nothing is at your fingertips

Or promised.

Be careful what you wish for!

© SugarMama 2023
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