The Oneness

A parable

He was halfway through his evening meditation when the Oneness came. A great vibration arose deep within him. It started gently at first, then gradually grew in intensity, until it filled every fibre of his being with vibrancy. The deepest feeling of peace he’d ever known subsumed him. His breath, almost imperceptibly shallow, disappeared altogether in the stillness. 
  Hello Adsach. It was not an audible voice but the thought of another being. 
   Speech was beyond him; he knew what he was experiencing was real. Who are you? he thought, 
   We have no need of individual names. If it helps you understand, we are The Oneness, we are divers slivers of consciousness, yet we are all one. Each knows the other by vibration, we come together as one entity. 
   That’s hard to understand. 
   It cannot be understood, it must be experienced and you and your kind are not ready for that yet, nor may ever be. 
   How did you get here? By spaceship? 
   Adsach felt a wave of warmth and lightness, he knew the entity was smiling. 
  We have no need of limited physical transport. We dwell in what you human beings call the Unified Field. Our consciousness is omnipresent but can be concentrated instantly, like now, to wherever we desire to be in the Cosmos instantly. 
   Are you God, then? Why can’t I see you? 
   I will explain: In what you call the past we have brought you knowledge to help your progress. At first, we took on a visible form. This led to confusion amongst you. Some called us angels, others devils, spirits or even gods. None of these descriptions are true We are pure consciousness. We are the custodians of all knowledge there is, or ever will be. We have no need of physical bodies. If you survive as a species you may join us, but that will take many millennia of your so-called time to achieve.’ 
    ‘Why are you here?’ 
    Because you are one of a very few of your species capable of understanding. You are not burdened by hatred or the superstition of religious belief. Your mind is free of these impediments through your practice of deep meditation and truth-seeking. 
   A lot of people would be outraged that you mock religious beliefs. 
   We are beyond mockery. Mockery is committed by entities that have not outgrown the ego. 
    Consider: there have been over three thousand different religions since your species developed enough to create such concepts as gods. To every adherent of those beliefs, their god/belief system was the right one. Then, being immature spirits, they arrived at the erroneous conclusion that if they were right, everyone who held different beliefs must be wrong. That is the cause of many of your wars, which obstruct your development. 
    So, why do you come now? 
    A growing number of you are beginning to see the truth. The purpose of this communication is to simultaneously contact the eighty thousand and twelve of you advanced enough to appreciate it. 
    What then? I’m no messiah to go spreading the word, nor do I wish to be. 
    If you agree, you will be given the skills to write parables, to form a non-religious movement, in order to spread the truth. There are to be no temples, churches or shrines. No hierarchies of leadership will be formed, all are to be equal. 
   How will I achieve this? 
   Now that your species have developed a worldwide web of communication the task will be easier, but by no means easy. Joining like spirits who are ready or nearing readiness, together will still take patience and perseverance but most of all love. 
   And what if I do not choose to take up this task? 
   That is your choice, you will not be coerced. This meeting will simply be wiped from your mind and your meditation will continue. I sense, however, that you will accept, for you are full of love for your fellow man. 
     What will I teach, nameless one? 
     You will teach what you realised during your meditations, that truth lies not outside you but within you as part of the whole. Therefore, look within yourself; look not for an external God. The one power that created all has no need of your worship, no use for your praise. Turn your attention first to the inner physical body as you do every day Adsach. Feel the power of the life force surging through you until you and the Universe are at one. This is the true path to enlightenment. Understanding not fear, knowledge not superstition. 
    Surely, this will create hordes of enemies from the religious people, especially the zealots? 
    There will be much resistance, yes, but do not enter into discussion about your truth. State it and leave it. Those who are ready will be attracted to the message. They will see its rightness and they, in turn, will make their own contribution. This is how your species will achieve its next phase of evolution. I must warn you, though, that if your species does not turn from its present course it will destroy itself as many before have done throughout the Cosmos. 
   Adsach saw that the Oneness was right. I will do this thing; I will start by telling of this meeting, those who are ready will know. 
   The Oneness thanked him and was gone. 

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