A Pied Piper of Our Time

He who pays the piper…

The piper, half French
and also half German,
had been called upon
to eliminate vermin.

He was paid very well,
some said too much,
it was then suggested
that we should go Dutch.

He who pays the piper
ought to play the tune.
If he doesn’t like it
let’s leave the commune.

That’s what most people
who were asked cried.
To this wasteful fellow
we don’t wish to be tied.

He heard we intended
to give him the chop
so as a precaution
asked for a backstop.

The natives believe
that it is ironic
that concern for Eire
is Gallic and Teutonic.

There’s something else
that we have spied
of this chap whose coat
is said to be pied.

He has associates,
he isn’t working alone;
twenty-six others
also set the tone.

The would-be leavers
were heard to complain
of too many travellers
on the gravy train.

They wish to leave
and start afresh
but the EU’s piper
wants his pound of flesh.

Agree to our terms
or we won’t seal
what you desire,
a favourable deal.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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