The Buggeration Factor

A whimsical observation

Have you noticed that when you’re rushed 
And for time you are quite pushed 
You pray that your bus is running late 
But, no, it’s gone, and you must wait 

When leaving home in plenty time 
The weather’s great, all looks fine 
The bloody bus is late again 
And, oh, my, god! It starts to rain 

Your umbrella left behind 
And no shelter can you find 
Standing in the foul deluge 
Howling gale and no refuge 

Cruel fate has struck again 
Leaving you to curse in vain 
No matter what you try to do 
Buggeration’s got it in for you 

You choose a queue, you’re in a hurry 
To grab a sandwich, before you scurry 
Back to work. to bolt your food 
Your boss is in an awful mood 

Old lady stood in front of you 
Can’t find her card, the silly moo 
She hasn’t got a cent in cash 
Oh, hurry, please, I’ve got to dash 

She fumbles forever in her bottomless bag 
Oh, hurry up, you stupid hag 
You drop the sandwich, run away 
No time for lunch for you that day 

The weekend comes, it’s time to play 
To the countryside, oh, happy day 
Then you’re stuck forever behind a tractor 
You can’t escape the buggeration factor 

© pronto 2023
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Nice humour and the pacy rhythm reminds me of Jonathan Cooper-Clarke ….


Sounds like that dude needs some good karma to get things straightened out! Fun read, pronto!

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