Do you see me ?

i walk through the cold dark morgue, 
to where you weep over me, 
i walk upon silent feet, 
reaching towards you, 
my heart breaking at your pain, 

do you see me?

i stand by your side at the grave, 
wishing i could tell you i love you, 
seeking to hold you in my arms, 
making everything right again, 
it hurts watching you suffer so, 

do you see me?

i lay beside you in our bed, 
watching you hold the picture of us in your arms, 
sobs of grief like rain upon our faces, 
i want to brush away the tears, 
and heal your broken heart, 

do you see me?

i sit beside you in the early morning light, 
as you stare at the bottle in your hands, 
i feel your dispair and your grief, 
so i touch your cheek and you cry once more, 

do you see me?

is it me that causing you this pain?
putting you through all this suffering?
maybe i should let you go, 
let you heal and forget me, 
so you can live once more, 
as the woman i love not this broken shell, 

please dont see me…..

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Excellent. Was the last stanza really necessary I wonder.
Before reading the last lines, I was kind of prepared with the line ‘love is blind’ as my comment, but then I stopped and reread the whole poem.
Bon travail !

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