Life is as sweet as the cake

Picture of Krittika Sen, my only child, turned 24 this 26th July

Baba*, I told you
I don’t want to grow up
But you did nothing!

Adult, mature people
Messing with the world,
The most beautiful cake,
Sadly baked with
Comparison, competition,
Putting existence at stake.

I was happy with Harry Potter,
Alice in Wonderland,
Feluda*, Charlie and the Chocolate factory;
Read countless times…
But now it is a bother
To be immersed in the dotty space,
As grown ups read a novel
Only once, just once
Then shelf it merely as names,
For me it doesn’t make any sense.

Brooks that float, trees that breeze
Stars that shoot and rise
Before my dreamy eyes,
Birds that chirp and sing,
Flowers and fruits,
Goat and cow droppings,
Yummy mushrooms
That lie on the floor
Make me laugh easily
Without saying cheese.

Storms and thunder
Rains and raincoats
Suddenly buried under
Rocky roads
As they grew on me
More and more!
But those biking with you
I’d always treasure!

I want to live in a world
Kind, inclusive, awake and bold
Simple, deep, light as feather
Where love is not just another word
From where warmth can never wither,
Where life is as sweet as the cake I hold.

I still don’t know how adults talk
They fight like delinquents
They all want to rock.
In this win-lose game
You’re never yourself,
Always tense, never at ease;
Baba, growing up is
‘A bit of a bore’
Nevertheless there are
Well rounded blokes for sure,
Whom I’d follow as I willy-nilly mature.

Baba:- father
Feluda:- famous detective character created by Satyajit Ray, Indian story teller and film director.

© supratik 2023
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There’s a beautiful daughter (inside out) with such affectionate and understanding parents. Happy Birthday to dear Krittika

Lovely poem! Enjoyed it thoroughly. What could be better than bonding with one’s child, understanding her and giving respect to her views. Liked the conversations woven in portraying Krittika’s mature thoughts, beliefs and likes. Her perceptions on things with a clarity in thought process is her real gift. Really thoughtful, cute and affectionate. Lucky you both. Stay Blessed

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