riding the storm

The skies were filled with formidable clouds
that burst in reckless fury
wreaking chaos, havoc and disaster
all around in hopeless desperation
constantly increasing the horrendous darkness
that seemed thicker every day
with thunderstorms and heavy rains
that flooded all that was considered safe
and ruined almost everyone
in this abysmal cataclysm and horror.
What is to be done about it?
Close your eyes, escape to heavy drinking,
party recklessly just to forget
or go abroad in exile
hoping for the storm to pass
and hoping for the world
to still be there as we return?
All we can do is long for
that eventual opening that must arrive
which will let in the sun again.
That’s all we know for certain,
that the sun one day inevitably must return.


© aurelio 2023
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