as mob rule swells did I hear:

I usually swerve socio-political writing but I caught a snatch of radio and this sprung into mind – it’s kinda haiku stylee.

[as mob rule swells did I hear] 
a chant, “drain the swamp,                        
build the wall, lock them up, send               
them back… kill the Jews?”                   
or rather:
shouts of, “drain them back,
send them up, build the swamp, wall
the lock… kill the Jews?”
or did…
I hear, “build the drain,
send a wall, lock the swamp, back
them up… kill the Jews?”
was it, “the, send, a,
lock, up, swamp, them, wall, drain,
a, build… kill the Jews?”
or maybe
it was just the crump
of bodies taking bullets
and babies howling.

© coolhermit 2023
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Stark stuff but given Trump rallies and the rise of the ‘populist right’ – soon to be at a cinema near you…

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