Desculpe, parece, (sorry seems to…)

We leap and then regret..

We reverse and regret.
We stand still,

And lose so much.
Often circling our shores,
Circling our thoughts,
Carefree and in rose tinted shades.
Finding our course 
In life is tough.
Finding who we are 
Is liking riding 
The Helter Skelter of life,
We see all the wrongs 
We miss all the rights!
Trying hard on our own, 
Whilst realising we have left
A special someone behind.
Love and life are entwined,.
Never seeing what we had.
The foolish like me so often fail to even glimpse.
Can we retrace,
Can we ever go back.
Can we rerun life’s race.
O que o Quando o trovão me balança. 
Quando eu abro meus olhos e você se foi?

So sad, so sad…

© munster 2023
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