When you need a break

Where is the link?
Submit? Blink! Blink!
Knees jerk; Oliver Twists
Occupy the space.

Felt like throwing up.
This torture
Of being a leftover
Lasted for five minutes,
Seemed though
Like five centuries.

Why did they do this to me?
This site, their domain?
Not my own?
Because I’m colored, huh? 
They don’t have the guts
To face my broken words?
Or hang on, is it an oversight?

Then, by his grace
The index finger,
Just beside YOU! clicks on the +
Oh? Is it? How come!
How convenient, user-friendly
It has become, for all of us!

I guess it’s never too late
To share and confess, 
When you need a break.


Note: Not sure if it’ll be ‘when’ or ‘that’ in the last line.

Anyway, I will be back soon. Need to be in seclusion for some time. Catch you later, you white alligators. I hope you know white rhino is a mistranslation though. 😉

© supratik 2023
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 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>

In a while, brown crocodile…


Crocodiles are green. There’s a lot in Wimbledon right now.
The white Alligators are flogging dodgy tickets.


this is a man’s world unfortunately, nobody can take a valid break, we all have to watch male egos pecking each other for various unimportant reasons.

 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>



yes, Feminists, Feminists Everywhere!! and Liberals, Liberals Everywhere! and Racists too, but not any Russians, so something is wrong.


No Macho snarky remarks intended from me. I was just making a joke about the ENDLESS tennis coverage on BBC at the moment. (perhaps a little dig at Lacoste)


I said in poem once upon a time that feminism is a submarine full of patriarchal torpedoes
that all this is not bullshit or cowshit but herdcrap

but generally this is a man’s world and boys and girls usually have to witness fights between men. or something like that.


You all should be ashamed of yourselves having fun like this. After all you are authors, just like August Strindberg… 😉

funny but I thought of a glass-maker controlling such a village. An interesting thought which inspires me now.

it depends on the mood. you can always talk with imaginary voices. the mind is limitless. one thing conscious existence always has is the creation of imaginary friends or foes to find your inner truths and lies.

mine too, started as a sci fi prose poem. weird coincidence!

I agree notions disappear, and when they do and you’re still there you need them to reappear, for another endless dialogue the perpetual reconciliation of opposing qualities. I used to ask “if there was a war between absolute yes and absolute no, which one would win?” most people said yes and it’s wrong. it would be no, yes would finally have to agree with no, and no till the end it would have to disagree with yes. so no has no opponent now? what does it do? it becomes a yes, searches for anything that disagrees with it to force… Read more »

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