You can’t stop hearing it

a general complaint

Leave me in peace
from all the noise and hubbub
of this worldly life of nonsense
giving only pain to ears and brains
for all its stress and horrible exertion
all for nothing, making nothing but a nuisance.
Where has all the quietness been banished
with all natural and healthy life
that always was relaxed?
We’ll nevermore see that again
as long as civilization is transformed
from something thoroughly creative
to a world of noise pollution
brainwashing humanity
away from everything
that once was good for both humanity and nature.
Ears can not be stopped,
and since the closing of your eyes
can’t hide away the noise
of brawls from loudspeakers and microphones
wherever you get lost in civilization,
it simply has to be most radically remedied,
or civilization and humanity will perish,
drowning in the brainwash stress of noise
that is the opposite to charitable music.


© aurelio 2023
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Much needed piece!! Admittedly, maestro, there a lot of noise these Days. Thank you very much!!!


the Depeche Mode said it “Enjoy the silence” but yeah there’s too much noise. perhaps the most annoying pollution one that makes you envious people of as Greeks say “too proud to hear” (with poor hearing)

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