The Mask

Make of it what you will

You watch

And let others words

Their actions

Take another turn

In your mind.

You twist

And make others suffer

With lies

Germinated from thoughts

Of your own

And wait and watch

For things to

start unfolding

And laugh

Silently at others

At repercussions

You helped deliver

With poisonous intentions

No remorse

You don’t give a shit

You only want

Your own way

To hide

The real you

But soon

Your mask

Will come away

Like the makeup

On your pillow

To reveal

The true you

And your intentions

You care

Only for yourself

And your actions

And words

Are for your

Gain only.

I see

You for who

You really are

Always have

No bond

There’s no connection

Your words to me

‘You’re nothing but

a cunt’

Cut deep, very…

But you knew

It would

Done on purpose

Another plan

One of many

No remorse

You cause an argument

I’m the target

As always

I’m never believed

All in my head

So they think

It’s not

One day…too late

They will learn

It’s you. 

© SugarMama 2023
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Great work and gutsy too. I think I have it right and, if so, am encouraged by you speaking up. I like, “your mask, like makeup on your pillow.”
All the best,


Well said, Lisa. The truth will out.
Luigi x

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