My Somewhere

A poem for Perceived Realms. The World I want to be in is! Right here.

This land gives me
a powerful rush
it’s deepened
as the years
right here
is where
I feel refreshed,

in silence
time thinking
of journeys
I’ve left
that have given
clarity of mind.

Somewhere is
right here!
Keeping me alive,
my little piece
of paradise,
with just a whiff of
that’s given me stability.

I have no
whirlpool thoughts
to get sucked away
to mystical realms,
only faint traces
of early morning dreams.

How strange the flight
dreamed last night,
uncharted threads
of light powered me on,
I didn’t even know
which way to go
or fear essence of sleep,

but here is my
perceived realm
where blackbirds
sing morning song
and feed upon
wet grass at dawn,

up above bustling
magpies tease,
annoying crows
in highest trees.

Traffic chaos amid
humid, stifling air,
or those planed
snaking vapour trails
up in the cloudless sky,
cannot dampen this
soul of mine.


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lovely message, beautiful images, thanks for the challenge and for sharing your poem with us.

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