Bring back

Bring back

I wonder if I belonged
To any continent,
To any bordered territory!
The answer is no. 
Thank goodness though, 
For I belong to the world.
Unlike you, you, and you
I have a bird’s eye view.

If atonement is not
Your cup of tea,
Then given the chance
You’ll rewrite the same story,
The crimes will repeat,
You will bring back your defeat
All at once
You’ll pollute the air,
Poison the seas.

My words with its wings,
Will break down the walls,
True or false;
Will bring back the long lost
Golden garden
Right here, in a trance
Where flowers will bloom,
Paradise will fall.

My feathers off the cage,
Light and free
I neither belong
To your continent,
Nor to your country.
Reborn in your backyard
I am this Bard
That belongs to the world.


Disclaimer : in English, ‘You’ is also an indefinite pronoun.

© supratik 2023
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for some reason I kept reading “my father’s off the cage” which is interesting since a few days ago was my father’s exhumation, did my mind play some tricks on my eyes for a specific reason such as a confirmation from beyond the veil? probably, and this proves your other point, thoughts are things. if we take a close look, if we are good observers and know the tricks are ours.

thanks for sharing!

this is a process necessary for those who cannot afford a grave after three years. thank you for your reply. I wrote in a poem “if you can’t change your fate by playing the flute, change your destiny by playing the mandolin” it’s called A Mouthful of Dreams.

well at least you have three years to find money, in our case it was impossible.
cremation is also problematic in Greece, you have to pay extra to send the corpse to another country. I don’t think we have crematoriums in Greece, for humans.

the church is too powerful here and it is against cremation,

no problem it’s normal in Greece, exhumations. it’s typical. 3 years is a good period. would have been successful if there was no financial crisis. I wouldn’t ask for money from anyone. It’s a job I haven’t found, because there aren’t any. if the body has not disintegrated at all then the cemetery is obliged to reburry. etc. I don’t blame anyone. I hate cremation. either a grave for as long as I’m alive or what will happen now, clean the bones and save them in what we call osteophylakio. if Dad wanted something else then he should have made… Read more »

there are jobs for people who have acquaintances or a politician in the family or know a powerful person or or or so many things, it brings me nausea never asked from any party a job I hate ‘personal favours’ . I guess that’s why I’m unemployed since 2002. I also have avoided being on the dole I hate it to depend on the state’s “philanthropy”

win the lottery or grin and bear it from now on for me.


Thank you. I rarely comment on your material and I have explained why at some lenght. Thank you for your recent reminder. This piece is a standard peak performance piece. Love the “Disclasimer” btw. Serene and light hearted at the same time it comes on with some stature to say the least. As for the previous comment and words are things my father left us in spring last year and I was very busy with the practical, didn’t really allow myself to “feel” much until I finally crashed for a short while. Having worked my way through the main part… Read more »

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