Double role

Double role

An urchin, with dreamy eyes
Is learning to limp.
He’s also rehearsing as a blind
Child. Double role! Shh!
He’s behind a spacious debris,
Exposed under broad daylight.
Yet safe, hidden, unfrequented —
An overlooked green room.

He has to perform
On the real, certain,
Unsuspecting stage
Where curtains don’t rise,
Nor do they fall.

Luckily, he has got the richest
Road as his zone.
Here, Impalas, Mercs, BMWs galore.
Of course, he had to pay
Ramu chacha*
A handsome amount
For occupying the space,
But that’s okay!
It’s an unwritten rule.

Rich, happy, kind families
Of leaders, diplomats, VIPs,
Healthy, wealthy and wise
Have to be fooled
With his disguise,
So they shower on him
Noisy coins,
Mouthwatering goodies.

As the only young male,
He has to feed a family.
Two ailing parents.
Three mongrels.
Four sisters,
Blind, crippled
violated, pregnant.
All tough cookies,
Stony eyes.

*chacha – uncle

© supratik 2023
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You sum up this problem so well with these moving words. I saw how people (especially the young) have to struggle to eat and take care of their families. They have to pay the street mafia and endure insults and ridicule from those only marginally better off who refer to them as ‘The Australians’ and other derogatory terms.

Few people here are aware of how life really goes on in the so called fastest growing economy on Earth.
You make a good point that unfortunately no one listens to.


Oliver Twist Societies Everywhere.
Good and strong poem

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