Robins In Our Garden

Such beauty in our garden,
They have the reddest of chests,

They pout with pride.

Are they only there for those cold winter months

Or are they?

Where do they hide,
On those long days of summer?

Away in the trees?
Behind all the leaves?
Trying to keep cool?
And then in the fall,
Cover is lost!
Like magic,  appearing for us all.

And quite often they will  perch
By your window looking in.
Always brave, always proud, 
Standing tall.

We look at them,
Nice things come to thought,
Blessed by so many attached to our lives.
How lucky are we?
To to share their world for such a short while. 

Singing their favourite tune for you!
Something they so love to do.

Loyalty  so strong, 
Never test him and he will remain true…

They stay for a while, feeling safe and secure.

Their bright and vibrant way
Brings such cheer, to those harshest of days.

We all stop and watch as they hops from branch to branch.
How many like me recall so many beautiful memories of winter?
Because our red robins takes our mind back to happy times.
How magical are these little creature, do they know?

How we have all grown to love them so

Next time you see the robins in your garden, 
Stop and think of the beauty, and happiness in your life.

Written for a very special person.

© munster 2023
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