Don’t take your
Time and space
Too seriously
Bad times…
A hiccup.
Walk past
Why’d you talk
And think about them
Why’d you
Create a storm
In the cup? 

© supratik 2023
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sometimes we are trouble magnets. we cannot avoid trouble. I do think now it is better not to bother at all eventually, to stop replying as I did for years and years on a site here, politics, boy have written pages and pages of comments and replies over there, but I left, others left too, and now they are begging for visitors and people to comment. that’ll teach them a lesson.

and your point is?

because you are going to ruin this site?

this is not now and again.
pray have better control, I am trying to help this site for many months now. won’t let another Libran spoil things. there are 11 other star signs that can do it.

youtube submissions? what do you mean? I don’t use this site to upload often. I have a little channel yes but less than a 100 views?! do you mean that Librans are actually successful as youtubers and it can be profitable?

thanks for letting me know, so they are going to use our charming star sign for universally dubious purposes… must be a reason. in any case, I shall bring it to Pan’s attention, who was born in Caesarea where Christ transformed… in a cave. same city somebody has with leasing in his control. same city with a byzantine inscription about taxing. same many things in the rabbit hole.


Joder, I didn’t deserve that, Hijo de Puta

may I point out that although I do interrupt with my observations and exchange of comments whenever I see fit, in this case you cannot accuse me of meddling in discussions, “without you keep poking your nose in?” as you said later, it was underneath my comment that you started talking about totally irrelevant things as a comment reply to a reply addressed to me. why didn’t you add your own comment and hold its original thread of potential replies but chose to use one my original 1st post comments? I see that you have been upvoted, why do you… Read more »

Well Supratik (what does your name mean, I fail to remember, is it symbol? I know Yash means victory, Anil means air, Djeerah means patience)

when somebody uses such expressions in Greek when addressing me, I start with :

Example Person: – I didn’t grant you the courtesy bla bla bla
Me: I grant you the amplitude of my silence until you rephrase. tee hee

oh I’m sorry, the time difference. have a good rest bye.

yes! that’s the name. thanks

 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>

No, British kids often do learn about the Raj. We learned it at school. They mentioned the Amritsar massacre and all of Gandhi’s boycotts in his little loincloth.

Now can you please stop posting seven poems at once and keep it to a maximum of two?


he explained, and this has happened to Trevor too when he restored his pieces.

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