Don’t take your
Time and space
Too seriously
Bad times…
A hiccup.
Walk past
Why’d you talk
And think about them
Why’d you
Create a storm
In the cup? 

© supratik 2021
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sometimes we are trouble magnets. we cannot avoid trouble. I do think now it is better not to bother at all eventually, to stop replying as I did for years and years on a site here, politics, boy have written pages and pages of comments and replies over there, but I left, others left too, and now they are begging for visitors and people to comment. that’ll teach them a lesson.

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No, British kids often do learn about the Raj. We learned it at school. They mentioned the Amritsar massacre and all of Gandhi’s boycotts in his little loincloth.

Now can you please stop posting seven poems at once and keep it to a maximum of two?

he explained, and this has happened to Trevor too when he restored his pieces.

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