Without you


Of what use is the world
That doesn’t speak of your words? 
Of what use is the craft
That doesn’t express your art? 

Every letter that reaches your address
Every emotion you lovingly caress
Every little step in your presence
Makes to me, so much sense.

On your path I can see the ground
In your ways I am light and sound
I feel complete, with you beside me
I can fly in the sky, I can float on the sea.

In my ecstasy, in my blues
I realized what was true
I am nothing without you, 
I have nothing without you.

© supratik 2023
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An engaging poem of lasting friendship…something we all need.
I enjoyed reading.

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This poem is written in perfect English and needs no adjustments. Well done.


A nicely crafted poem, Supratik, but in need of a tiny adjustments to the grammar in line 8. “Makes to me, so much of sense.” does not need the preposition ‘of’.
Best wishes

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