Insanity At The Very Top

Where do I start? Where have I come from?

What about you? Where will I begin…?

One foot on the ground and the other on the silver cloud.
Dare we think aloud…is it such a sin to dream of vast wealth?

Or should we always remember our humble beginnings?

Is there any wrong in that…for after all are not the best roots, the grass roots? 
For are we not the foundation, the stability, the humble workers on which our countries are founded…?

Unlike you, playing in a real-life house of cards, 52 in the pack to be precise and everyone’s the joker.

So why now do we find ourselves at the abyss? 
How come we are all caught up in this financial apocalypse?

Why did you not practice what you preached, turning a blind eye for ten fold years plus one?

I suppose we should take some of the blame, for it was us who voted you in.

The Celtic Tiger had the wealthy hedonistic few on its back…bankers, builders and sunshine tax collectors, robbing the innocent by stealth.

The blind leading the realists, kicking, shouting, screaming into financial oblivion.
Why were so many led down the loan infested roads where only the minority feared to tread?

We could never build our lives from the top down, so why pray I ask did you?

We all grow up and must remember the golden rules, when in feast set aside for those years of famine.

Life is not all about the haves, it is also about the have nots.

But once again you turn to us, the less well off and ask for more. 
How much tighter can you turn that screw, to rob us further of our diminishing wealth. 

True qualities and thrifty ways are found in all walks of life. 
You encouraged us to save with the SSIA, so why not you?
Didn’t you, the powers that be, believe in saving for those rainy days…?

So heads can be in the clouds, there is no crime in dreaming, just wake now before it’s too late.
Our banks are in tatters, our wealth is worthless and our Celtic Tiger is nothing but a rabid old cat…

But one thing for sure, you must remain true to your people.

So, Mr. Taoiseach…you know what to do. 
You must sort this god awful mess with courage and, above all, honesty and save us, the innocent, from this pending doom and, like us, always have both feet firmly on the ground and keep your head, for now, out of those silver clouds.

If you fail to listen to our plight, Mr C…. , you will be the last one leaving this wonderful land.
So will you do the honours and turn out the light?

© munster 2023
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