Some confession

from a letter to a friend

It all comes down to your own heart –
if you are not at peace
and can’t find harmony within yourself,
you shall be out of place wherever
your embarrassed escapism may take you –
there is nothing wrong in all the universe
except the cobwebs in your own heart to be swept away.
If you let out your heart and harmonize your soul,
you can make any universe or temporal environment
all right and all your own.
Although this place is rotten
and I am completely without future here
and lack most things including what I need,
I would not leave it, not because of work or social life,
but only because destiny has placed me here.
If I got rich and famous, I would still remain here
to associate with all those poor displaced folk here around me,
maybe travel somewhat more to Greece and Italy
but still maintain my humble life and basis here,
since there’s no reason why I shouldn’t.
It is probably my life with music
which in spite of all its neverending challenges,
frustrations and adversities has made me capable
of turning any kind of life to something positive
for both myself and others. Since I can continue here
with music smoothly, it would do no good to anyone
if I abandoned it for something more uncertain.
That’s how I feel. My life is small and humble,
but it’s safe and keeps me well content enough,
so let me just work on
to thus continuously at least keep up my love.


© aurelio 2023
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