Unwilling to unlearn


Lately, I’m constantly pushing
Away the masquerading Mars
An iconic scar
Of the medieval mindset.

Lately, I’m constantly throwing
Away the immortal Malthus
A treasured erudite
Reason for the
Horrendous Holocaust
His blessings
Wars as positive checks?
Still counting.

Lately, I’m constantly rejecting
The deadly Darwin
The most read respected
Unnatural naturalist
His dark enlightenment
Has made mankind lose
Battles by winning
Many times over
With the fittest survivors
That went extinct
Keeping the so-called inhuman wars
Human, alive and distinct.

How can I blame Hitler
His predecessors
His followers
And other harbingers
Of holy wars
When I have Darwin
Malthus and Mars
As gallivanting ghosts
Of the universe?

Lately, I’m constantly
Pushing myself away
From the learned world
Which will continue
To slaughter, butcher
No matter what;
Licensed, endorsed
Permissive horrors
Of people killing people
Turn by turn!
Because of what we are:
‘Unwilling to unlearn.’

We will continue to be thus
Write repetitive words
In the hackneyed human omnibus
Even hundreds of years later
Unable to survive without wars
Attacking our neighbors
For food and water for no good
Unable to survive without weapons
Flaunting yet of growth and development
Under the lying firmament.

It is thanks to the disastrous bane
The world is stillborn, insane.

© supratik 2023
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