Death of Democracy

An observation on today’s society deliberately omitting Brexit

You who put the mock into democracy sneer

”At everything that we hold dear

No freedom of thought, all blend into one

Individuality finished, gone


No-platform those with differing views

Spread your message with more fake news

Young minds full of idealism

Chant your right-on catechism


PC comedians tell bland jokes

Fearful of offending sensitive folks

The silent majority looks on aghast

As democracy breathes its last


Pave the way for your own demise

As all are made to fit one size

Reduce the nation to degradation

With intellectual masturbation


PC quips fall from cafe-culture lips

Unnoticed, the despot’s dagger slips

Into the heart of chattering classes

As Pied Piper policies deceive the masses


Pseudo intelligentsia mindlessly tweet

Trendy sound bytes, sweet deceit

Propaganda reigns as  free speech lies

Dead and buried no more to rise

© pronto 2023
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This is excellent, Pronto, and I agree with you 100%. Although maybe you don’t need to post it twice… The first line is brilliant, about putting “the mock into democracy”. It’s only now that I realise how close “democracy” is to the word “mockery”, and how appropriate that is. “No-platform” needs a hyphen for it to become a verb. The only really clumsy line is “Unnoticed, the despot’s knife it slips”. I would replace “knife, it” with a different disyllabic phrase, one word, perhaps “dagger” for example. The last verse is also a bit clumsy. Could do with a tidy-up,… Read more »


they want Europeans to become nationalists. it’s the plan. Europeans went through many wars, the last one exhausted them, the post war generations don’t want a general war to start, so in order to have their war the bankers had to find a way. everybody speaks about democracy and Europeans want to live in a democratic world. but democracy is impossible with any type of government (especially royals) and nationalistic view. democracy is not imperialistic or aggressive. it is patriotic and humanitarian. one day people will see what democracy is which is certainly not liberalism either! but liberalism will always… Read more »

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