sea pollution

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Sea Pollution


Our bloodstream is the Ocean
Pulsating pole to pole, 
From east to west it rises
And it falls
At the Moon’s bequest, 
It’s living soul.
From rain to stream to Ocean
Continuously in motion
The very essence
Of our planet’s health.
So why condemn it
To a micro-plastic death? 
Furring its arteries
With used cosmetics 
And Imperishable plastics
Poisoning the bloodstream
And potentially our brains? 
We must regain our sanity
Before it is too late
And stop all these pollutants
Which vandalise our Fate.





My dream was once Myfanwy

Whose blush no more appears

Whenever I draw near.

Just like the full moon waxing

Her gaze remains serene

As though she looks beyond me

Into another’s dream.

Oh, yes, the full moon waxing.

It casts a sapphire glow

Upon the burdened clouds

Which gather down below.

The moon remains impassive

All through the night

As I become a stranger

In my beloved’s sight.

© stjohnperse 2023
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