I’m not alone

I’m not alone

No, I am not alone.
My dreams, unfulfilled.
But I know for sure
They will appear as real
In my zealous zone.

No, they’re not thrashed
In the obsolete trash
They’re treasured as
Precious stones
In a place I call my own.

Yes, my dreams screech in the thorns
They also smile in the flowers
They’re found in twilights, in dawns
They’re there in the darkest of nights
They exist in the lightest of morns.

Yes, my dreams in the end will fulfill
Like streams they will come alive
My burns will cure, wounds will heal,
Beyond doubt, they’ll arrive on time
From corners, known, unknown
To lovingly adorn my throne.

Until the time it is fulfilled
I will not accept defeat, not yield
Like a farmer I’m ploughing the field;
With seeds of hope nurtured and sown
I’m a dreamer, I’m not alone.

© supratik 2023
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