Banish Me Halfway To Hell

I came into your life By default,

Through the back door
Some would say.

‘A big bang’, 
The way you described my arrival that day.
What was the crime? 
To fall in love with someone,
You supposedly held dear?
The cruel and unjust anger you chide,
Why me? I cry when alone,
Trapped with those words. 
Your tongue is sharp,
Propelled by such twisted thought. 
That slight, such a patronising old lacklustre performance,
It’s as dead as the long play 33. 
And in your thoughts,
In your mind you are wedded to calamity.
It’s almost as if you have lodged me 
With a full blown gypsy curse. 
It so reminds me of a nightmare,
I was locked in for many a year. 
Tied up and locked away,
Constantly threatened this ogre, 
if I didn’t change my way. 
Please may I make a comparison
To a witch like thee, the ogre in my conscious
Seem like an Angel, 
Placed in a space with a tyrant such as you.
I am nobody’s fool, 
So please save your gall; 
You can park it, any place you choose.
It will never again haunt my door
So with pardon madam,
Please, let me leave this space.
For another day of your scorn 
Would kill me for sure. 
I would sooner live in my hell than in your heaven. 
Happiness is priceless,
So with your Daughter in thought wherever I am, 
I am the wealthiest man in our the lands
Your tomorrow will come, 
At least in your mind be true, 
Like my love for those you hold dear,
Let yourself believe in the evidence of miracles?
So with lamentation I leave your plain, 
Self placated, my grace, 
My dignity, feelings intact  

© munster 2023
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