Only The Brave Pick The Best Fruit

I wandered into an orchard this autumn day,
the wind has blown so much recently. 

The ground had become 

A red and green carpet,
there were bad apples sitting around.

Some big, some small, 

The wind didn’t differentiate at all.
But up in the branches 

The tree held its fruit to share.

And up towards the very top, 

There was the brightest apple

looking down.
Dare I climb to the top,

Maybe, and pick it just for me?

She cried out ‘I want to be picked,

Please, please come and get me’.

The decision was done,

Climbing  begun.

She looked down with small glee, 

Her heart in her mouth, frightened.
She was worried,

Worried for me as I climbed the tree.

I pulled her gently from the branch,

Clutched her firmly in my hand.
You should see her smile,

Without a doubt she was as happy as could be.

It sure was worth the time

And risk to rescue that little red pippin, 

Who now means so much to me.

© munster 2023
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