Goodness is seen
Sadly in pictures
In advertisements
In words
In sounds
Seldom in silence
Camouflaged in the cage
Bound within the fence.

If so many people are good
Showing their affection
Their kindness
Towards the needy and the poor
In social networking sites
Collecting a downpour
Of countless likes
Then why’s the world still
Suffering from injustice, imbalance
Of every kind?

I wonder how we talk
What we do instead
When none would watch us?
Weak or strong
What are the monologues
What actions play in the head
Where are we going wrong!

The mystery is that
Deep inside
What we show
Is keeping us alive
Like Sartre said,
As the ‘living dead’
Within the walls
True or false.

In these unaffected lines
I might sound a little rude
But relax ye dudes.
Like you, I want the world,
Hackneyed with words
To be just as it should
Really kind and good.

© supratik 2023
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