Britons, lend me your ear

For Gothicman who has expressed similar sentiments. ( Published today on

As a neutral I think
you got it all wrong
You want to appease
a voracious beast
with a big appetite.

You are on the brink
of a swan song
if you do not please
those who at least
are in favour of flight.

Europe can hoodwink
countries that aren’t strong.
Remember Greece?
They even leased
their country’s birthright.

I believe the EU will sink
and it won’t be too long.
So it’s time to release
the tie and look East.
You know that I’m right.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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and I expect stronger nations to either reform the EU or leave.
this is no longer a European vision of prosperity and unity.
it treats its members like mafia. demand to stay as you are and demand to reform the EU, or leave from the EU not Europe. you cannot leave from Europe. you also are part of Europe.
but we don’t know who is behind all this. could be any country strong enough or some other mafia but if it’s a war between mafias we are all screwed.

Nic x


On this side of the pond, we are watching to see the outcome. Will the withdrawal of UK pounds affect the operations of EU? It is pretty big and may survive well without UK. Recently, EU opened up the possibility that UK stay. Is it the truism: as goes UK so goes Europe? They do not have to be the Mafia to want to remain strong and dominate in world trade. Who would benefit by having UK “out of the trade picture?” . usa will eventually regroup (come post 2020) and no one has been a better ally to us… Read more »

nations that are geographically connected or countries on the same continent ought to collaborate politically if they want to prosper in trade. trade deals will be affected then. does the UK want trouble on the matter? trouble she will get. if you cannot collaborate politically it’s impossible to have good trade deals. if you lose all your rights as a member of an organisation abandoning everyone then selling goods who’s gonna buy? if you want to try Brexit do it. if Brexit is a way of reforming the EU by teaching them a lesson, hope it works if the goal… Read more »

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